Wi-Fi 6 products have recently been emerging on the market and among them, we have smartphones, tablets, routers, notebooks and so on. However, the Wi-Fi Alliance has actually established a new generation of Wi-Fi 6E standards. And its innovation base in the first introduction of the 6GHz band.

6GHz have the ability to offer a faster connection speed, while there will be almost no signal interference with existing equipment. In other words, Wi-Fi 6E is the name of a new extension to the existing Wi-Fi 6 standard to signify it’s capable of supporting all-new 6 GHz frequencies.

According to some media reports, the US FCC (Federal Communications Commission) is scheduled to vote on April 23 to open a new unlicensed 6GHz frequency band. The 320MHz continuous spectrum (total 1200MHz bandwidth) is a huge improvement over the 5GHz total 500MHz bandwidth.

In this light, the research institute WifiForward (behind Google, Microsoft, Broadcom, Comcast, etc.) made a projection that the promotion of 6GHz Wi-Fi will increase US $180 billion in revenue in the next five years, including a contribution of US $106 billion GDP.

Wifi 6E

The popularity of WiFi5 / 6 has increased the average speed of US routers to 267Mbps in 2022. And the introduction of 6GHz will help the average wireless speed reach 468Mbps by 2025.


In addition, the report also welcomes the important role of 6GHz Wi-Fi in low-power indoor positioning, AR / VR, and Internet of Things communications.

It is reported that devices based on the Wi-Fi 6E chipset will be available within a year.

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