As from this moment, you can now starting making WhatsApp video calls with 5, 6, 7 and even 8 participants! Faced with the rapid progress of Zoom and its grouped calls, Facebook-owned company will soon be breaking down barriers for its messaging app.

In the early days of April, WhatsApp was testing a new feature that allows adding more than 4 participants in a voice or video call. Their test included adjusting the UI to allow to see more participants.

Limit Of Participants In WhatsApp Video Calls

Today WhatsApp has starting rolling out the possibility to add 8 participants in a group voice or video call in the latest iOS and Android beta update available.

The next software update will allow group calls that will gather up to eight people. Until now, only three other parties have been able to be called simultaneously.

Limit Of Participants In WhatsApp Video Calls

With this feature, WhatsApp also wants to respond to consumer demand, especially during these times of confinement. Many relatives, friends and distant cousins ​​wish to facilitate group discussions bringing together more than four people. And in this case, Zoom is practically the only viable solution, despite its shortcomings.

How To Initiate A Group Call

Open a group and tap the Call button: if the group has a number of participants higher than the old limit (4) in a call, WhatsApp will ask which contacts you wish to call to, otherwise the call will be directly started.

WhatsApp Increases The Limit Of Participants In Video Calls2

Group participants that are not saved in your address book will not be added in the call.

Download WhatsApp Beta And Try Out The New Feature

If you want to try the new feature, you need to be running the latest WhatsApp beta on Android version 2.20.133, and on iOS, users need to install the version

It is already rolling out to beta users and it will be rolled to the stable version of WhatsApp in the coming weeks. At present, no date for the deployment of the functionality for the stable version has been revealed, but we expect it to arrive in the upcoming days.

What Is WhatsApp Beta?

Don’t you know what WhatsApp Beta is? It is a beta version of the app itself with which you can delve into the world of beta testers. It is public and is available through the Google Play Store. You just need to enter the following (link) and follow the steps.

Once you have entered the beta program, the WhatsApp application will be updated with the versions that are not yet public. You will receive more updates and much more features. Some ends up in the stable version and others will be rejected by the company after a trial period.


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