Opera has updated its desktop browser and the update comes with a tag – Opera 68. The new version is now available for download and offers some interesting news. At the head of the integration promoted by the company, we have Instagram, which joins, among others, Messenger on the sidebar of the browser. This lets users to quickly use social networking sites and messengers, without leaving the website they are currently browsing.

Apart from that, the new version also has the ability to search for tabs. It will be very useful if the user tends to open dozens of pages at the same time. The magnifying glass symbol on the tab bar is a button that enables the search engine, where you can easily find the tab you are looking for by entering a phrase on the keyboard.

Sending DM on Opera Browser

Furthermore, Opera can also conveniently close duplicate tabs, which is very useful especially when working with several web applications, between which you often have to switch. The developers decided to increase the visibility of distinguishing duplicate tabs after a positive acceptance of this function in the previous version of the browser.

Other, smaller patches and new features have also appeared in the new version. Among them, removing the error of incorrect spacing in the tab search engine and implementing tab grouping, which could be very useful when working with several pages of the same context at the same time. You can visit the the official website or the full changelog of the new version for more details.

Opera 68 New Features

  • Enabling the Instagram feature in the browser
  • Work and browse in one window with Workspaces
  • Search in tabs
  • Duplicate tabs highlighter
  • New security badges



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