The Nokia brand has found its voice again since HMD Global took over the company some years ago. Back in the days, Nokia made its name through its feature phone lineup. However, the world has become smarter as many young folks look forward to smartphones. However, there is still a good fraction of people who prefer to use feature phones. Thus, Nokia is not forgetting its root, it is still making feature phones. Yesterday, the company officially launched the Nokia 220 4G feature phone in China.

Nokia 220 4G In Blue
Nokia 220 4G In Blue

Nokia 220 4G Specifications

The Nokia 220 4G is a feature phone with nine-grid buttons. Although we are in 2020, Nokia is still very happy with this kind of old phone, and it is also unique. Design-wise, the dimensions of the Nokia 220 4G are 121.3 x 52.9 x 13.4mm, weighing only 86.5g. It has a compact body and a comfortable grip. The body material is made of classic polycarbonate and is available in black and blue.

In the core configuration, the Nokia 220 4G uses a 2.4-inch screen. This device comes with a VGA camera (0.3MP) as well as an LED flash/flashlight. It also comes with Feature OS, Bluetooth 4.2, 16MB RAM, and 24MB internal storage.

Nokia 220 4G

Although this is a 4G phone, when there is no 4G network, it falls to 2G. The device does not support 3G network. In terms of battery life, Nokia 220 4G has a built-in 1200 mAh removable battery. This battery delivers a 6 hours+ talk time as well as a 648 hours (27 days) standby time.

Other features on this phone include a Micro-USB port, 3.5 mm headphone jack, microSD card slot, internet browser, MP3 player, hands-free FM Radio, etc.

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Nokia 220 4G Price and Availability

This device supports the 4G network of the three major carriers in China as well as VoLTE high-definition calls. This device costs only 299 yuan ($42) and it is currently on pre-sale.

Nokia 220 4G In Black
Nokia 220 4G In Black

This phone will ship on May 7 and a deposit of 1 yuan could give you a 30 yuan discount. This means that if you participate in the pre-sale, you will buy this device for 270 yuan ($38).



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