Netmarketshare has released market share data for desktop operating systems and browsers in March 2020. From the report, you will clearly see that Microsoft Edge has become the second-largest browser in the world. This simply means that, ‘the browser for downloading other browsers’ has been recovered. We are actually referring to Internet Explorer. However, we should also admit that many think of Edge as the successor of Internet Explorer. Thus, it ‘inherits’ all the shortcomings of the latter.

Talking about the desktop version of the Microsoft Edge browser. With the end of Windows 7 support, more and more users are switching to Windows 10. This operating system currently holds 57.34% of the market share, followed by Windows 7, with a 26.23% market share. Windows 8.1 ranked third with a market share of 3.69%, followed by macOS X 10.14 with a market share of 2.62%.

Browsers market share

In terms of browsers, Google Chrome’s market share has been increased slightly. Now, it has a 68.50% market share, followed by Microsoft Edge, with a market share of 7.59%. In other words, the latter has surpassed Mozilla Firefox as the second-largest browser. Firefox and Internet Explorer Ranked third and fourth with a market share of 7.19% and 5.87%, respectively.

Browsers market share

However, we should point out a few factors that helped Microsoft Edge in becoming more popular. A few years ago, it became available for iOS and Android devices. This attracted more users. And Microsoft has regularly optimized its browser-based on more users’ preferences. Even Google admitted it will learn from Edge for better tabs management.

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