Mozilla has released version 75 of the Firefox browser. In spite of what have been happening around us, the new version is available. The new update also brings a couple of new functions on board for the desktop version of the browser. The company is obviously more experienced when it comes to the desktop versions.

According to the Mozilla, Firefox boast of about 250 million active users, who can, if they update to the new version, use the refreshed look and feel of the address bar.

Firefox 75 Comes With A New Address Bar

We always click the address bar when we want to perform a search (or by quickly using the CTRL and L keys or Command and L on the Mac). In addition, we click it also to type the address of the website that we want to navigate. Now, with Firefox 75, the address bar is even better. It has an enlarged shape and larger fonts and simplified functions. It displays shorter URLs, adjusts to multiple sizes and has a shortcut to the most popular sites to search.


Also, search suggestion has been improved, helping users make quick searches and get additional popular keywords that they might not have thought of to narrow the search even further.


In addition, with a single click in the address bar, you’ve got access to your most visited sites. And if by chance you have that site already opened in another tab but you can’t find it, you’ll find it highlighted in the address bar with a quick way to access it. So you can easily jump to that tab rather than going through the many tabs you already have open. This also works for any page you’ve searched, and may not realize you’ve already opened it.

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You can find complete changelog, which also includes the listed closed security gaps here.



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