Video conferencing applications have gain huge amount of popularity due to the lockdown caused by COVID-19 crisis. Apps that were not that known to the general public, such as Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, Zoom, or Houseparty, gained a serious popularity in a few weeks. For example, Zoom, which could hardly boast of about 10 million active users per day in December, now has 300 million. Houseparty, on its side has registered 50 million new users within the space of a month.

Messenger Rooms

How Messenger Rooms Works

And now, a new Facebook service has been introduce to the list of video conferencing tools for users called Messenger Rooms. Rooms which was announced this weeks invites up to 50 participants. The service is linked to the Messenger app, from which you can launch a video conference.

Once you create the video conference, you will be able share an invitation to join it on Facebook through the news feed, groups or events, or by sharing a link for non-Facebook users. And soon, it will also be possible to start a group conversation from WhatsApp or Instagram Direct.

Facebook targets targets the general public with Rooms,  unlike other video conferencing services have been designed for professional use . “When you get an invitation to a room, you can join from your phone or computer. You don’t have to download anything to start,” says the social media leader.

Messenger Rooms


Now, talking about privacy, Facebook is reassuring in a blog post, says;

“When you join a room via Facebook or Messenger, participants with whom you are not friends on Facebook will be able to see and hear everything you say or share in the room, but they won’t have better access to your profile or information in other parts of Facebook. They will only be able to see information such as your name and information from your public Facebook profile. In addition to what you have published publicly, or the content of a group that you both joined”.

The social media giant also makes sure that the audio and video conversations on Rooms will not be in use to target advertisements.

Rooms will be available in “a few countries” this week, and later for others in the coming weeks.

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