Gone are those days when one of the most popular ritual among Android smartphone enthusiasts was modding. Even though the community still persists, it has actually reduced and this is due to the rearchitecting of Android over the years.

Booting a different OS altogether on an Android smartphone has always been a dream and difficult task for techies. And now, a developer going by the name erfanoadbi on XDA developers have successfully ported Ubuntu Touch for the Redmi Note 7.

Xiaomi smartphones have always been popular in the modding community since the beginning, especially those powered by Qualcomm chipsets. And thus, Redmi Note 7 is no exception and it supports plenty of custom ROMs officially. As at present, all the custom firmware available for this device is based on Android just like any other smartphones. But now, after a year from its release, the phone can finally boot Ubuntu Touch, thanks to recognized developer erfanoabdi.

The developer managed to port Ubuntu Touch for Redmi Note 7 with the use of an existing port of Fxtec Pro 1 based on Project Halium by the developer NotKit. He also used preliminary device trees of Redmi 4X Ubuntu Touch build by another developer named Danct12 for this purpose.

Also, in case anyone is interested to test it, he has already uploaded pre-built images for the public to try out. However, this project is merely a proof of concept at the moment as only WiFi as well as touch and Hardware Composer (display with acceleration) work for now.

Having said that, since the installation process is not straightforward thing for an average user, it is better to wait for a future stable build as well as an easy installation method (hopefully).



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