Alongside the launch of the new Huawei P40 series, Huawei announced a new version of EMUI. Dubbbed EMUI 10.1, the latest version of Huawei’s custom Android Skin comes with tons of new features and apps. Let us have a quick look at the new features Huawei preloaded on its new phones.

Hey Celia AI Voice Assistant

Hey Celia

Quite a number of the new features that EMUI 10.1 brings are its own version of apps and services that would usually be available for Huawei phones if they used Google Mobile Services. Celia is Huawei’s own AI voice assistant and the replacement for Google’s AI voice assistant.

The wake word for the assistant is “Hey Celia” and you can pretty much ask it questions, set alarms, identify objects, control smart home appliances, and do lots more.

Cross-Device Photo Gallery

Cross-Device Photo Gallery


Huawei is developing more ways for its products to communicate with one another and Cross-Device Photo Gallery is the latest way to do so. With this feature, owners can access the gallery of any of their devices on the one currently in use as long as all the devices are on the same Wi-Fi network. Users will also be able to enter keywords to search for images such as flowers, cats, or cars to help with image search across devices.

Huawei MeeTime

EMUI MeeTime

Since no Google Mobile Services, it means no Google Duo. While there are third-party video calling apps, Huawei has announced its own and it is called MeeTime (FaceTime, anyone?).

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The good thing is that MeeTime is not limited to Huawei devices only. It can also work on other devices. The video calling app brings 1080p video calls, low-light mode, and even screen sharing (this is not available on Duo or WhatsApp).

Huawei says you can also continue calls on its Huawei Vision smart screen (read TV) and its Sound X smart speaker.

New and Vibrant AOD

New Vibrant AOD

EMUI 10.1 brings an improved Always-on Display feature with 3D icons and low-power consumption.

Convenient Multi-Window

Convenient Multi-Window

The new version of EMUI comes with new multi-window features. There is Edge Panel which is a drawer that contains shortcuts to apps and tools that can be accessed by swiping from the sides of the screen.

When in multi-window mode, users can drag and drop text and images from one window to another. EMUI 10.1 also allows you to respond to messages by presenting a floating window of the app rather than opening the app when you tap on the notification. This way, you do not need to leave the app currently in use just to reply to a notification.

Multi-Device Control Panel

Multi-Device Control Panel

This is a new feature that brings all connected devices to your fingertips. To access the multi-device control pane, you swipe up from the left or right bottom corner of the screen. A control panel that allows you to connect new devices or control already connected devices is then displayed on the screen.

Huawei Video, Huawei Music, and Huawei News

Huawei Video

Huawei has partnered with several content partners for its music, news, and video content. Some of its partners include Universal Music, Napster, Warner Music Group for music; News UK, The Times, The Sun, and talkSPORT for news; Discovery, FilmBox, eOne, BBC News, Youku, Lionsgate, Universal, Paramount, and Sony, etc for video content.



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