Google has been offering its users the ability to buy or rent movies and TV shows from the Play Store. The service have since 2012, been available in several countries. It also still maintain the pricing strategy, thus making many considering it a relatively costly service. However, in some countries, discounts are quite often offered. Now there should be a new feature that will offer watching movies and other content for free.

Google Play Movies With Ads

Google Play Movies

Google Play Movies service have been facing difficulties due to the fierce competition from Netlfix, HBO Go, and the others, where a relatively reasonable monthly payment with full content availability is set up.

Now, the Google service will get a new feature, which we will not even be available on Netflix. This is a free watching option with ads. The current version of Google Play Movies 4.18.37 includes several lines of code to indicate that we will see something like this soon.

<string name="athome_add_birthdate_to_watch">Add birthdate to watch</string>
<string name="athome_free_with_ads">Free with ads</string>
<string name="athome_free_with_ads_description">Hundreds of movies, just a few ads</string>
<string name="athome_introduce_free_movies">Introducing</string>
<string name="athome_watch_free_with_ads">Watch free with ads</string>

Here it is clearly defined that it will be possible to watch hundreds of movies just for viewing ads. It is unclear whether the ads will be while watching or you will have to endure a few ads at the beginning of the movie. The question is whether all or some of the content will be available.

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Maybe this is just the first change, and perhaps Google will set up a subscription to compete with streaming services. After all, the Play Store already has content subscriptions, but this only applies to apps and games. It would make more sense here. Well, let us be patient to see the introduction of this new feature and especially for the conditions or restrictions.





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