Google Coronavirus Screening Website Finally Goes Live

Earlier before now, Google postponed the launch of the US New Coronavirus information website.

In a news conference last week, the US President Trump said that the Search giant is building a new coronavirus screening website to guide people to the virus-detection site. However, because of insufficient functions, the website did not go online as scheduled. Now, after a short delay, Google has finally unveiled the virus site. The website’s URL is:

What Google’s Coronovirus Screening Website Does

The site does provide visitors with some information about the new coronavirus. Google says people will be able to find ‘country-based information, safety and prevention tips, search trends related to COVID-19, and further resources for individuals, educators, and businesses’. Google emphasized that the site was obtained from ‘authoritative’ sources such as WHO and the CDC.

Google on Corvid-19

The site also provides people with American Sign Language (ASL) videos and a global map showing confirmed cases by country, as well as a wealth of information about Google’s other rescue efforts-along with YouTube videos.

The site posted by Google did not include the content that President Trump originally claimed. President Trump said that it has a drop-down menu that provides a link to a local website-in this menu. For example, when ‘California’ is selected, users will get a link to the California Department of Public Health.

Several large tech companies are working to provide coronavirus-related support. But none has been able to address some of the biggest problems of the pandemic: access to virus testing and the crisis facing our healthcare infrastructure.

At some point in the future, Google may provide a survey information form for drive-thru test locations in various areas. But a spokesman said the company would only do so after obtaining authoritative information about the locations of these tests. Unfortunately, it will take a long time to get accurate information about the location of the test.

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