Google announced that it is launching a new speech and translation tool for Android phones on Wednesday. This new feature is said to enable Google’s assistant software read long-form text out loud. This tool is believed to make listening to short stories, articles and blog posts more interesting and easier.

Google have also let us in on how the technology works, saying that this new tool differs from other screen-reading software due to its “natural-sounding” voice. This new feature from Google should be one that should thrill listeners, as most users will feel more comfortable listening to a “natural-sounding” voice over a long period of time.

Google Assistance.

This tool is also able to translate articles, letting users enjoy a variety of languages to select from. To enjoy this feature, what you have to do is get a blog post and say “Hey Google, read this page”. This new feature from Google is said to be available in 42 different languages including Hindi and Spanish

In recent times, Google has made giant strides in natural language and translation technology. As recently as January, Google unveiled a feature that allowed users to transcribe a conversation in real time into another language.

And in 2019, the company introduced an interpreter mode for the Google Assistant, allowing people converse in two different languages.



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