Are you surprise that Google Duo app is still alive due to the company’s habit of creating messaging and social networking apps and kill them after a while? Well, it’s still very much around which is slightly and not only that it’s still alive, it now allows users to have group video calls that have up to 12 participants.

Google Duo supports 12 users

Before now, the limit was 8, so it’s great to see a nice 50% increase. Obviously, this is related to the havoc currently wreaking the world by Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. Many people are stuck at home and so video calling and video conferencing are really popular now like never before.

Users doesn’t need to update the messaging app before getting the new feature, as it’s achieved through a server-side switch, so there’s no need to anxiously keep manually checking for a new version. Just hang tight and you’ll get the new ability in a few days tops, if you haven’t already. The app still works exactly the same as before, it’s just that now you can fit more people into your group video chats.

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