Get The Real-time Coronavirus Updates In Nigeria With This NCDC WhatsApp Number

Just like that of the World Health Organization (WHO), Nigerian Center for Decease Control (NCDC) has launched its own WhatsApp bot in the face of Coronavirus (Covid-19) which is gradually wrecking the world in every sector. The aim is to pass the right information about the Covid-19 pandemic to the people.

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The WhatsApp bot from Nigeria Center for Decease Control provides you with real-time information regarding the Covid-19 pandemic, information on how testings are carried out, and how many cases we currently have in the country.

Real-time Coronavirus Updates NCDC WhatsApp Number

Real-time Coronavirus Updates NCDC WhatsApp Number

  1. Get latest updates on COVID19NIGERIA
  2. Get information on how testing is carried out
  3. Receive urgent messages from NCDC

How To Add NCDC On WhatsApp

  • You can add NCDC using this link here or Alternatively, simply add this number on WhatsApp: 07087110839
  • After adding the number on WhatsApp, type and send Hi to NCDC

Real-time Coronavirus Updates NCDC WhatsApp Number

You will automatically be registered to receive updates and also have an option to ask for more information as shown above.

You can also click here to know how to add the WHO on WhatsApp for global updates on Covid-19.

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