Almost everybody around the globe is stuck at home because of the havoc Covid-19 is currently wreaking. Due to this reason, tech giants especially, social networking companies like Facebook are looking for ways not make people at home feel bored.

Facebook to is planning to add a series of new features to its live streaming. Facebook is one of the spaces that a lot of users rely on in this time of quarantine. So the team wants live streams to be more accessible and user-friendly for everyone.

Latest Features To Be Added To Facebook Live Streaming Service

People Without Facebook Account To Enjoy Live Streaming

Facebook Live

One of the options to be added will allow users who do not have a Facebook account to enjoy live public streaming from their mobile devices, following the same dynamics of the web version. A function that we will see in the coming weeks, both in iOS and Android.

Users With Limited Internet Access Gets Audio Streaming

The Facebook team have also thought of some solutions for people with limited internet access, for example, the option that allows them to follow only with the audio of the streaming. In this way, they will get the information from the live, and at the same time, they will save mobile data.


Subtitles In Live Videos

Another feature that will add a plus is the integration of automatic subtitles in all live videos, so that everyone can benefit from them. On the other hand, Facebook has also come up with new features for those who use live broadcasts to organize events.

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More Features

Thinking about your needs and to make the dynamics more fluid and organized, Facebook will provide a series of tools that will facilitate both the technical part of the live steaming and the moderation of comments and attention to the audience.

Facebook isn’t the only one working to extend the features of its services, Google also brought a major update for those using Google Duo for group video calls.  Until recently, video calling was possible with up to eight people using Google Duo, but it is now changing. Because many people rely more on video calling because of the coronavirus to see colleagues, friends or family, Google now makes it possible to make a video call with up to 12 people.

This is ideal when you have a large meeting with colleagues, or simply want to chat with friends.




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