Facebook Rolls Out New Interface With Dark Mode

The new social network interface is now available to all users. In addition to a completely redesigned interface, a dark mode can now be activated.

Almost a year after the appearance of the dark mode on the Messenger mobile application, and more recently on WhatsApp, Facebook is finally deploying the new version of its interface with dark mode for all users.

Facebook dark mode

According to report, beginning from today, majority of people on Facebook will have access to the new desktop design.

Users will receive a notification asking them if they would like to try the new redesign. They will also be able to activate the new Facebook design by doing the below;

How to Activate Facebook Redesign, Dark Mode


To activate the Facebook redesign;

  • Go to the Settings Menu -> “See New Facebook.”
  • There will then be an option in the same drop-down menu which will allow users to switch been dark mode and the traditional colour scheme.

To disable it, users can return and hit “Switch to Classic Facebook.”

The new redesign which Facebook started testing in October last year publicly, received positive feedback which led to its Global roll out today.

The desktop redesign offers streamlined navigation through tabs for Groups, Marketplace, Watch and more atop the home screen. The home page and transitions also load more quickly.

Finally, Facebook has also made it easier to create Events, Pages, Groups, and more on the home page – and users will be able to see a preview of how these will look on mobile.

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