DxOMark is a popular camera evaluation agency that recently extended its practice to audios. Recently, it released the audio score for the Xiaomi Mi CC9 Pro exclusive version. According to the DxOMark team, the audio score of the Xiaomi CC9 Pro Premium Edition is 54 points.

This is a relatively low score compared to other devices it has tested so far. The overall performance of the single speaker of Xiaomi CC9 Pro Premium Edition is pretty good. However, the sound field is narrow, unbalanced, and the bass is severely insufficient. In addition, the sound is extremely distorted at maximum volume. However, there is very little sound loss at soft to nominal volume.

Xiaomi CC9 Pro Premium Edition DxOmark Score.

Audio Specifications:

  • Single speaker (bottom left)
  • Headphone jack
  • Hi-Res audio

The DxOMark team believes that the most obvious flaw of the Xiaomi CC9 Pro Premium Edition is the single speaker. This configuration makes it sound unnatural when playing music and movies, and it can cause problems when playing games. In addition, this device also includes shortcomings such as insufficient bass, recorded stereo inversion, and severe distortion at maximum volume.


In terms of advantages, the playback performance of this phone is very accurate and clear. It has good positioning ability and distance presentation, suitable for listening and recording non-music content (especially situations such as voice files or conference rooms).

Xiaomi CC9 Pro Premium Edition Playing Audio


  • Fair overall performance for a single speaker-phone
  • Clear, precise midrange and treble reproduction
  • Good distance presentation, positioning ability is almost on average
  • Minimal sound loss (including distortion) from soft to nominal volume
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  • Weak sound due to lack of bass
  • Lack of breadth, stereo right
  • The minimum volume is too low
  • Considerable distortion at maximum volume
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Xiaomi CC9 Pro Premium Edition Audio Recording


  • Good overall performance
  • Clear midrange and precise treble help to achieve efficient positioning
  • There is almost no sound loss in general loudness use cases, and the velocity performance is also good


  • Severely low bass
  • Loudness in conference and voice memo usage scenarios
  • When recording in a noisy environment, a large amount of time-domain sound loss occurs
  • Stereo inversion in selfie videos

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