The recent outbreak of the Coronavirus in China is gradually spreading like fire to outer parts of the world. Based on how dangerous this virus is and the ease of transmission, nobody won’t be too careful regarding public gatherings. After many major manufacturers pulled out of the MWC 2020 conference, HMD Global also pulled out.

HMD Global said the Coronavirus outbreak was the major reason behind its decision to withdraw from MWC 2020. Later, GSMA announced the formal cancellation of the MWC 2020 conference. However, despite HMD’s withdrawal, the company will still unveil all the devices that were to touch down in Barcelona.

According to reports, the Nokia smartphone maker originally planned to release the rumored Nokia 10 at MWC 2020. In addition, there are also reports that Nokia will release an Android WearOS smartwatch and the first Android feature phone at MWC 2020. HMD is now planning an alternative event for the release of these devices

HMD Message on MWC cancellation

HMD Global stated,

We are still planning to showcase our preparations for participation at Barcelona MWC and will share details on how we will do this.

At this point, we are not sure whether HMD plans to hold a separate press conference or delay the release of the Nokia 10 to another date. Nevertheless, we know that this smartphone will still be released this year.


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