According to a report, Google has filed for an exemption with the US government. This is to enable the search giant to re-license Huawei to use its Mobile services.

Huawei was put in the US’ entities list after the US ban escalated in May 2019. For that reason, the company could not do business with the country and any US-related company. That includes Google’s Mobile Services. The only reason Huawei can keep using Android is due to the Open Source nature of the system and its Linux roots. However, Huawei is prohibited from using Google Mobile Services. That means that if you buy a new Huawei phone you won’t have access to popular apps such as YouTube, Gmail, and Maps.

Huawei mobile services

If Google is exempted by the US government it can immediately give access to Huawei. Microsoft is one company from the United States which was given an exemption and can now work with the Chinese Behemoth. If the US government decides to accept Google’s request, then the search giant will quickly provide updates for Huawei phones allowing them to once again make use of Play Store, Maps, Photos and more.

Huawei Mobile Services Is Still Far From Being Alternative To Google

The Chinese company latet brought up its own – the Huawei Mobile Services – as a GMS Alternative. It needs to release smartphones to keep its place in the global ranking, and the lack of GMS can’t stop it. The Huawei Mate 30 and Mate 30 Pro came with HMS. The upcoming Huawei P40 series will also include it. HMS is a good alternative but it has some limitations and does not fit as a full-fledged substitute for Google apps. Especially for users outside of China.

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Google play store and huawei


Some users have to resort sideloading Google Services on Huawei devices but Google warns them that this opens up a door for potential hackers to create fake Google apps. The situation simply shows that Google is not happy with this situation.




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