At present, our preferred messaging application is not WhatsApp, but is Telegram, for many reasons. Moreover, even recently we saw how the app was out of service worldwide in terms of sending and receiving images, videos and voice memos. Despite this, we continue to see new features in the application. The app keeps getting features that have long been on Telegram.

For more than a year, users have been able to send stickers on WhatsApp, which has been available on Telegram for years. These stickers are basically small drawings, larger than an emoji that convey ideas or emotions. The advantage they have is that we can easily create our own, so they quickly became popular. Well, now we see how the application works on a series of animated stickers.

Which Will Arrive First? – Animated Stickers or Dark Mode

WhatsApp To Soon Have Animated Stickers Like Telegram

WhatsApp news has almost become a meme for geeks. Not only because it seems that the application is limited to copying the functions directly from Telegram, but because they update with new functions that nobody had asked for, but the dark mode, which has been in development for years and we are asking for it, still does not arrive. The point is that thanks to WaBetaInfo, we know that soon we will have animated stickers inside WhatsApp. It’s a function that we have in Telegram since the beginning of last summer.

The truth is that the first indications of this novelty came during the month of April. But like the dark mode, there has been no news since then.

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The function is not available at the moment, but from this medium, they have had access to an undistributed version of the application, in which they have been able to download packs of animated icons and test them satisfactorily. What we still do not know is if we can create these animated stickers ourselves with an application from GIFs or small video fragments, although it is something much more complicated than creating a sticker from an image.




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