Twitter is about to get more sanity and also become a more saner social media experience. The company has recently been implementing different policies in order to tame spam and trolls, and a new one is the Conversation Participants.

How It Works

Conversation Participants lets you choose who can reply to each tweet that you publish. You can set it to allow anyone, just those you follow, or just those you mention in the particular tweet. Cool! Isn’t it?

Yes finally, you can have some decent conversations on Twitter without some uncouth fellows jumping in to be rude or to even derail the convo entirely.

The battle against abusive behaviour online just scored a major point on Twitter.

And again, there is another option that help you prevent ANYONE from replying a tweet you publish. Yes; this is a delicious one for when you want to vent or have a monologue and do not have the energy to entertain replies.

Twitter Conversation Participants


Conversation Participants was announced at CES 2020 and will roll out at an unspecified date in 2020, but a limited experiment will start happening before the end of March 2020.

I think this is a great move by Twitter and that it will indeed certainly curb abuse and allow for a saner experience for many users.

Kindly share your thought via the comments about the new Conversation Participants announced by Twitter.

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