Telegram has released a massive new update for iOS and Android, bringing a number of new features, improvements and bug fixes.

While most of the changes affect end-users directly, one of the most notable features is actually aimed at cyber-security researchers, enabling them to verify that open-source app developers on the platform are using the exact code they’ve released on Github to build the final app that’s available on the App Store or Google Play.

Table of Interests

Theme Editor 2.0

As for the client-side features, there’s a new theme editor that can be accessed from ‘Chat Settings’ on Android and  ‘Appearance Settings’ on iOS. It allows users to quickly tweak the style of elements in Telegram chats by adding new gradients to outgoing messages, as well as the app background. The update also includes dozens of new patterns, including Parisian motifs and cat images. The default themes also comes with a number of predefined designs, like Classic, Night, Day, and more.

Instagram Theme Editor 2.0

Send When Online

Just as its name suggests, the ‘Send When Online’ feature allows yous to schedule messages to be sent when the intended recipient comes online. Note that this option is only available if the sender is allowed to see the recipient’s online status.


Updated Location Sharing

Location-sharing has been updated to make finding venues easier. Users can now tap a place directly on the map to select it, rather than scrolling through a ton of names in a list.

Search Results as a List

Like with any other application, the ‘search’ function allows users to find a word or phrase in a particular chat thread or even from a certain day. The new update now enables users to tap on the bottom bar to see all the matches in a ‘list’ view on the same page rather than having to scroll the entire thread to the one they’re looking for.

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There’s a whole lot of other new features, so checkout them out as a bullet list.


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