MTN Lumos Solar Home System Now Available On Jumia For Outright Purchase

The MTN Mobile Electricity (popular known as MTN Yellow Box) is a partnership between MTN, Nigeria’s largest Mobile Network, Lumos, maker of PayGo off-grid Solar Home Systems, and the Overseas Private Investment Corporation (OPIC) to deliver safe, reliable and affordable power to millions of households and businesses in Nigeria.

With this innovative service, you can enjoy affordable, accessible, noise-free and fume-free electricity for everyday use and conveniently pay with airtime from a MTN mobile phone. The Mobile Electricity Service kit which comes with a 5-year repair service policy, can light up bulbs and power appliances like fans, televisions, cellphones and computers.”

Well, you now have an option not to pass through those long period of dishing out some cash for subscription as you can now buy the system outside MTN stores. No more subscriptions!

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Lumos Solar Home System Now Available On Jumia

If you have heard about a locked phone on a particular mobile network, you can relate that to the recent development with the Lumos Solar Home System.

In another word, the Lumos can now be purchased outrightly (not lease or rental) from which has been available since December 19, 2019.

Available products for sales

1. Lumos B9 prime (with two panels and 4 bulbs)

2. Lumos B7 Eco with ( one panel and 2 bulbs)

Lumos Solar Home System


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