There are tons of options on Android that can only be made through third-party applications. Several of these actions are implemented by the operating system itself over time. Now, we will be talking about call recording. Of course, it’s something a third party from a Google Play store can do for you, but not offered by the system itself.

It seems that Google has been working for some time to implement call recording in its phone application. This is known thanks to the latest update of the app. If you are one of those people who records all calls, soon everything may be much simpler and more intuitive.

Calls Recording On Google Phone App

A recent update on the Google phone application has not left us with too much news, but with some hidden details in its code. Thanks to 9to5google we can know that in the application code there are references to call recording. Now that the function is hidden in the application it is a matter of time and it will be active for everyone.

call record loop

We do not know if the recording will be automatic in all calls, if it can be configured or what options Google will integrate. Although implementing it is simple, it has problems beyond programming or integration into Android.

Recording calls is not legal in all countries of the world. These can be the main problems of Google and the delay of this function. When implemented, it may not be available in all countries. It is also possible that in certain markets it is implemented with a recording notice or similar systems.


For the moment we must wait, because it is a matter of time for Google to reveal news about recording calls from its telephone application. What do you think about this feature? do you need it as an integrated option in the default phone app?

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