According to recent reports on 6G development, NTT DoCoMo, Japan’s largest telecom service provider, recently published a 6G white paper. The paper throws more light on its vision for 6G networks.

In addition, the operator plans to commercialize 6G technology in 2030. It’s worth mentioning that the Japanese government recently stated its plans to fund 6G research and development in Japan.


According to NTT DoCoMo’s vision, 6G will provide transmission speeds of up to 100Gbps. The delay will be less than 1ms, and it is capable of accommodating more than 10 million devices within 1 square kilometer. From the development of 5G, there is a consistent improvement in science and technology.

NTT DoCoMo expects that 6G will have a new network topology technology instead of the traditional coverage extension of terrestrial networks. In addition, larger-scale MIMO and lower latency, more reliable communication, and even cooperation with AI have been mentioned in various fields.

NTT DoCoMo’s white paper also contains 5G innovations and 6G development plans. As for the innovation of 5G, its overall goal is to continuously improve the transmission capacity, speed, low latency, and multi-connection characteristics. This is in addition to developing higher frequency transmission technology. NTT DoCoMo successfully developed a 150GHz band equipment in 2018. Thus, it hopes that in the future, all telecommunications industries will use ultra-high frequency bands above 100GHz. In addition, NTT DoCoMo also hopes that 5G applications will extend to air, ocean and even space studies.


Thus 6G is bound to come, and the performance will be more powerful. What we have now are just theoretical proposals. As for what will happen then, we will have to wait a long time.

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