We saw the announcement of the first sets of 5G phones in the beginning of the year and one of the pioneers was the Axon 10 Pro 5G. The device was introduced at MWC 2019 and is currently selling all over the globe, including the United States. Today, ZTE has announced the successor on Weibo, and its name is Axon 10s Pro which is expected to as well have 5G connectivity.

Though the official message did mention Snapdragon 865, the company’s account later responded to comments, and confirmed that the new flagship platform by Qualcomm. It can be coupled with the Snapdragon X55 modem which can offer better bandwidth and higher theoretical download speeds both over 5G and LTE. It also works on SA and NSA networks, providing better coverage.

ZTE Axon 10s Pro

Axon 10s Pro’s Design

The image reveals that there is pretty nothing or little difference on the outside – two major shooters, accompanied by a third one and a flash to go along with it. There is still the logo of the company and the brand, and while the phone is pictured in Black, ZTE promised a new paint job called “Qiang”, which is a rough translation for “rust”.

ZTE Axon 10s Pro

Whether the phone will be in a unique orange-red-brown shade or our incredibly advanced translation skills have failed us, we are yet to see when ZTE ultimately announces the phone.


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