Windows 10 Mobile was launched back in 2015, powering the Lumia 950, 950 XL and 550 out of the box and was rolled out as an update to a good number of devices. This version officially dropped the “Windows Phone” name and presented itself as just the ARM version of Windows 10.

Well, the operating system only lasted just 4 years as today ends the support for all Windows 10 Mobile products. This simply means that there will be no new security updates, no non-security hotfixes and no free support.

Windows 10 mobile

Office Apps Still Gets A Month Plus

It’s not all over, though, the Office apps for Windows 10 Mobile phones will continue to be supported until January 12, 2021. This means that Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote will continue receiving updates and security patches.

Now, Windows 10 Mobile will join its Windows CE-based namesake. Microsoft killed the Windows Phone 8.1 a couple of years later, then in 2018 it ran out of phones to sell. A quick reminder: the Windows Phone 8.1 app store is closing its doors on December 16.

What Next For Users

Microsoft still recommends that you move to an Android or iOS device, however, and use the Office apps for those platforms.


It looks like the Windows 10 Mobile app store will live on for a while longer (if nothing else, it’s needed to deliver app updates). Chances are that it too will close after Microsoft ends support for the Office apps, however.


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