Realme Will No Longer Launch 4G Phone As From Next Year

Chinese manufacturer, Realme, has announced that as from next year, it will only launch 5G smartphones in China. According to Realme’s CEO, the company will have 5G phones in all segments. This simply means we should be expecting 5G devices from the entry-level segment to flagships. Currently, most 5G smartphones are flagships. Realme’s CEO said;

“Last week, we officially announced the first 5G mobile phone of Realme – the Realme X 50, and today I want to share another important information with you.

“From 2020, we will fully cut into 5G in the Chinese market, and no longer launch 4G mobile products!… I once said that 2020 must be the 5G outbreak year, and now, we are fully prepared to officially enter the 5G track”.

Realme will no longer release 4G phones in China again

Realme want to become the first mobile phone brand to launch dual-mode 5G terminals at multiple price points. At the same time, the company will deeply participate in 5G network construction globally. It will explore 5G scenarios with industry partners, create a new industry ecology, and bring a new 5G experience to global users. As one of the youngest brands in the Chinese mobile phone market, Realme is also the smallest 5G player. While Realme will still release 4G devices globally, it wouldn’t have any new 4G devices in China.


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