All these while, we have been on Google, and other US being restricted from having business dealings with Huawei. That unique case to date has alone harmed the mobile phone industry. The summary of the whole case is that Huawei cannot certify more models to install Google services and their applications on its Android phones. And now, we will talk about a new case that has emerged in Turkey. And that does not affect a single company, but the whole smartphone makers.

Google is now in disputes with the government of Turkey and has decided to stop certificating the Android phones of that country.

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Google is one of the most important companies in the world and currently control very important sections. Today we can see how far their disagreement with Turkey has come and the solution that the company has imposed in that country. Everything follows the series of fines that the Turkish government imposed on the tech giant recently.

Latest Android Devices In Turkey To Lack Google Services

A while ago, Turkey sued Google because of its browser and its monopoly when it comes to having an Android mobile. It is very similar to what happened in Europe. The Turkish government imposed a fine of $15.8 million on Google. And the obligation to improve the default browser choice system on their mobiles. Google paid and made some changes.

The Turkish government did not find it sufficient and imposed another fine on the company. Now Google strikes back and leaves an entire country without certifications for Android mobiles. Current mobiles will continue to update and receive Google apps, but not those that are announced as of now.


The whole country of Turkey is affected and, again, it is something unusual that we had not seen before. It seems that the second fine of the Turkish government did not go down well with Google. And it was decided to eliminate the support for certifications. Will this be reverted one day? Most likely, yes, when both parties sit down to negotiate and reach an agreement.

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The problem does not affect any user or mobile outside the borders of Turkey at all, but it is really interesting to see how Google can leave an entire country without one of the most important apps and services of the moment. Android phones can work without Google services, but the experience is not the same as with them installed.



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