MIUI 11: How to Fix Excessive Battery Drain

Are you using a Xiaomi phone and suddenly noticed a change in your battery usage after upgrading your device to MIUI 11? Well, you are not alone in the battery drain mess as it appears to be a bug with the update.

Many Xiaomi users who upgraded their smartphones to MIUI 11 are currently complaining about excessive battery drain immediately after updating their devices.

Battery drain on miui 11

According to a user on MI forum, “I’ve got Serious battery drain on Redmi note 4 running Miui 11 for 5 days now, it’s draining very fast”

Another user on Reddit says “This literally happened to me today and I was quite disappointed with the result. I charged throughout the morning and to my surprise, it lost roughly 12% in 2 hours of idle. Absolutely unacceptable”.

However, we’ve also received different negative reports from different users via mails seeking solutions to this glitch on MIUI 11 update.

It remains unclear what exactly is causing this unexpected behavior as there is no official statement from Xiaomi on the same. However, some users are noting that MIUI 11 is enabling autostart by default for all apps (probably because MIUI had notification delivery troubles in the past).

How to Fix MIUI 11 Excessive Battery Drain

Method 1: Turn Off Autostart

  • Go to Settings -> Apps -> Manage Apps
  • Click on Permissions, then Autostart.

This update apparently put all apps on Autostart ON, thus making everything run at once even when not in use.

  • Go ahead and turn off everything, except the apps you need to Autostart.

Autostart being ON means that the app will restart automatically whenever you restart the phone while Autostart OFF means that the app will stay “sleeping” until you open/use it.

Method 2

The second method is to re-download and re-install the update. This fixes the issue for some user.

To update

  1. Go to the updater
  2. You will see three points above each other click on it then choose “download the latest package”
  3. After downloading, click on “choose update package” and choose the package that you download then the update will start installing.

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