Microsoft’s next-generation gaming console has for a while been referred to as Project Scarlett alongside newly resurfaced rumours about a more affordable disc-less variant of the console codenamed ‘Lockhart’. However, the Redmond giant has officially announced it and has officially confirmed the real name for its upcoming gaming console, the Xbox Series X.

Console’s Design

As earlier mentioned, the company has announced that the next gaming console will be called ‘Xbox Series X’ and will bring us a sneak peek at the design.

The Xbox Series X is the successor to the Xbox One and the Xbox One X series of consoles. The Series X comes with a vertical, monolithic design that eschews the AV rack friendly form-factors of previous generations. Microsoft says the Series X can be placed horizontally as well.

Moreover, Xbox head Phil Spencer confirmed that the console will support both vertical and horizontal orientations so you don’t have to worry about fitting a tall gaming console into your TV cabinet.

The XBox Series X Controller

Along with the console’s design, the company also showed off the new, slightly redesigned Xbox controller that will ship with the console and while it looks very similar to the older Xbox One controller, there are subtle changes across the board.


Microsoft Xbox Series X Controller

The Redmond company says that it made the controller slightly smaller to ensure it fits better for a wider range of gamers. There’s also a new ‘Share’ button on the controller now, something that has existed on the PlayStation’s DualShock controller for years. Other than that, the D-pad now looks similar to the D-pad you’d find on the company’s “Elite” controllers. Again, not a bad thing.

Xbox Series X is coming in Holiday 2020, so gear up and make some space in that TV cabinet because this thing looks pretty huge.

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