We have been able to compile the types of image sensors used in smartphones and tablet cameras.

More than half of market share of image sensors used in smartphones is is controlled by Sony, while Samsung of South Korea is in the second place at about 20%. OmniVision in the U.S. is in the third place, controls just 10%, and the rest of STMicroelectronics. It is a state that is monopolized by the top three companies such as ON Semiconductor and SK Hynix.

List of Sony, Samsung, OmniVision image sensors

The list of image sensors shows the sensor size and number of pixels, the model adopted, the announcement of the sensor itself.

The sensor size is 36 x 24 mm full size for professional single-lens cameras according to digital camera standards, 23.6 x 15.7 mm for APS-C used for amateur single-lens cameras, 23.6 x 5.7 mm for high-end condigs such as Sony Cyber-shot RX100, and 6.2 x 4.6 mm for low-cost condigs.

Many of the flagship models released in 2019 use Sony’s IMX586 (48 million pixels 1/2), but in 2020, Sony IMX686 (68 million pixels 1/1.72) and Samsung ISO ISO BrightCELL S5KHMX (1/1.33) will be used more often.



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