During a press conference, the Huawei Chairman, Wang Chenglu confirmed that the company will start making HarmonyOS available for some of its smartphones as early as next year. However, there was no sort of confirmation on which lines would receive the new operating system.

Still, some important information about the arrival of HarmonyOS on smartphones were revealed. Firstly, the OS will not replace Android, and Google’s system will remain the main system to use. Then, it will also be launched in international markets.


Can HarmonyOS Beat Samsung’s Tizen To Survive Fight With Android?

Of course, this is not the first time we have seen one of the major manufacturers trying to introduce a new operating system for their smartphones as an alternative to the Android offered by Google. A good example is that of Samsung who tried to create something similar with Tizen OS.

However, although it was restricted to just a few smartphones, it quickly became clear that betting on this OS would be a big mistake. So it was not long before the brand stopped betting on its OS on smartphones.

Huawei’s situation is pretty different, especially considering that it remains prohibited from using Google services and applications on its new smartphones.


According to Wang Chenglu, the entire HarmonyOS platform will be fully open source from August next year. This will make it much easier to develop Apps and games for the new operating system. This may be the only way the brand can guarantee its success.

Still, it will be very complicated to rival Android, and it is virtually impossible to create services as competent as Google’s offerings. Especially apps like Google Maps and Google Assistant.

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Huawei Should Not Debut HarmonyOS On High-End Smartphones

Harmony OS

Though, it’s yet to be confirmed by the President which first smartphones to receive HarmonyOS in 2020, it seems unlikely that the Chinese manufacturer will initially decide to release the OS in its flagship smartphones.

Most likely they will start with their lower range offerings, to perform all the necessary tests and studies. And then ponder the breakthrough for major smartphones.



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