Huawei Technologies has promised to offer advanced and innovative support to MTN Nigeria. This is coming after the leading telecom operator announced the trial roll-out of 5G network technology in the country.

In a statement in Abuja, Managing Director of Huawei Technologies Company, Mr. Zhang Lulu, stated the company would keep supporting MTN through its challenges and requirements, providing the most innovative product and solution for MTN, to enable MTN subscribers enjoy the ultimate experience.

MTN Launches 5G Network in Nigeria

MTN partnership with Huawei in the roll-out would enable MTN to serve its subscribers with advanced technologies of the future, especially as Huawei is leading the 5G rollout globally.

Listing the advantages of 5G, Lulu stated that 5G network is 100 to 250 times faster than 4G, having 20 gigabits per second over wireless fast, and would enable users download high-definition contents, including large size videos under a second, unlike on 4G, where it takes up to 10 minutes.

The Huawei boss added that the technology has low latency rate which is the amount of delay between the sending and receiving of information making it a better future available to operators and customers.


He said, “Huawei’s 5G simplified solutions help operators build 5G networks with superior performance and user experience and rapidly deploy simple 5G networks to allow customers enjoy 5G services.

“The 5G technology improves operation and makes maintenance easier. This will also boost business growth.

“The 5G technology naturally optimises energy which makes it more efficient. It can also easily serve unconnected communities, in rural areas; delivering cost effective fiber-like broadband access to unconnected households in emerging markets.”

During the 5G speed test, using the test devices, at the same bandwidth of 20Mega Hertz, the 4G and 5G network, moved at a speed of 104 Mbps and 314 Mbps respectively, indicating that, the 5G, is faster, than the 4G.

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Well, we are now in the era of 5G network. We hope the mobile operators can keep this coming.



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