The heat from foldables seems to have just started as we should be ready to catch more waves of the smartphone category in 2020. Most manufacturers will be introducing  their own take on the foldable design – either in clamshell form or double fold style – but it’s exciting to get a glimpse of how the Samsung’s second-gen foldable phone — Galaxy Fold 2 looks like.

The Korean giant is reportedly set to introduce a Motorola Razr-style clamshell design and make its foldable a lot more affordable with the second iteration. If today’s massive leak proves to be true, then we are certainly getting both. Chinese media has given us a first look at what seems to be the Galaxy Fold 2.

Galaxy Fold 2

Galaxy Fold 2: Design

As seen in the images within the post, Samsung is coming with the clamshell design for Galaxy Fold 2. It looks exactly the same as the clamshell foldable concept that was shown off at Samsung’s SDC 2019 developer conference earlier this year.

The device sports a hinge down the middle and it looks like the Galaxy Fold 2 may fold in completely. It may not have a crevice (as seen in the original Galaxy Fold) when its folded. There’s a power button and volume rocker on the right, USB Type-C port and speaker at the bottom, and well, the 3.5mm headphone jack is missing.

The Galaxy Fold 2 will feature a dual-camera system alongwith what looks to be a mini OLED screen to display time, date, alarms or incoming notifications on the outside. You will most likely be able to see the caller details and reject calls from this miniature display. It will be your quick glance screen.

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Opening up the Galaxy Fold 2 will reveal a design that Samsung is propagating across the board. You will find bigger bezels, which might be necessary to better protect the foldable display, and a centered punch-hole selfie camera. The screen appears to be a 21:9 panel, with equal bezels all-around and a new Ultra Thin Glass (UTG) flexible glass layer on top, as per the leaks.

Galaxy Fold 2

Galaxy Fold Is Not A Flagship

Samsung is rumored to launch the second-gen Galaxy Fold (or Galaxy Fold 2, as we refer to it) alongside the flagship Galaxy S11 lineup in February next year. The rumor mill also hints that the upcoming Fold device won’t be a flagship, but instead target the mid-range segment. It has long been rumored to be priced around the $1,000 mark and if it will bring 5G connectivity support then it will be powered by the newly launched Snapdragon 765 chipset.




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