Google Introduces Private Chat To Google Photos App, For Quickly Sharing Photos

Google wants its users to find it easier to share their everyday moments, and for this, it has introduced a new way of sending their Google photos and videos to their contacts much more social and familiar manner.

A couple of days ago, we told how you it’s now possible to upload your Facebook Photos and videos to Google Photos, and now Google is introducing a functionality to Google Photos that allows you chat within the app.

Google Photos Chat

With the introduction of this new feature, users can now send photos and videos no loss of quality from the new Google Photos chat and keep a conversation with them as in any messaging service, all without having to leave the application.

google photos sharing

The new Google Photos chat comes to improve the current shared albums. Before, for each shared photo, a shared album with a single photo was created. With the new chat, they will be shared in a continuous conversation.

Google Photos will allow you to chat with your contacts, like photos and videos, and save them in your gallery. You can chat with private or group messages if you are sharing a photo or video with several people.

Is Google Photo Chat Replacing Chat Applications?

Google reports that this function is not replacing chat applications we are already used it. It’s just to improve sharing memories with your friends and family in Google Photos.

Google wants the Photo App to be a little bit more social

Google Photos chat will roll out gradually over the next week worldwide and on all platforms (Android, iOS and Web).

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