A latest report from the market research agency counterpoint has emerged, showing that in the third quarter of this year, Apple still rules the global high-end smartphones market, commanding a market share of 52%, followed by Samsung and Huawei.

According to the report Apple’s market share in the high-end mobile phone market continued to grow in the third quarter of this year, rose from 48% to 52%, and they are yet to encountered real challenges in this field.

Samsung and Huawei followed closely, but could only boast of only 25% and 12% respectively.

Global Premium Smartphones Shipment Market - Counterpoint

Apple’s Leads With Distant Gap, Leaving Rivals Far Behind

The iPhone XR is the world’s best-selling high-end model, reason not far-fetched from its relatively reasonable price-performance ratio, while Huawei‘s Mate 30 and P30 series have been selling well in the Chinese market (Huawei’s sales in the high-end market in China accounted for more than 80%), these two new models directly increased their share in high-end smartphones.

It is worth noting that OnePlus is also among the top five in the list. The results have risen rapidly and the market share has reached 2%, mainly because its models are very popular in the Indian market.


Consumers’ Thirst For High-End Smartphones Gets Stronger

Overall, the global consumer’s acceptance of high-end models is getting stronger. Driven by the iPhone XR, the price range of $600-799 is still the center of high-end smartphone market sales. Models in the price segment $800-999 have also started to increase, driven by the Galaxy S10 and Galaxy Note10 series, a year-on-year increase of 145%.

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Global Premium Smartphones Shipment Market - Counterpoint 2

The report also shows that in the third quarter of this year, the market price of high-end smartphones has continued to rise, and 5G mobile phones have played a certain role. Its sales price has increased by about 5% in the third quarter. Regarding the current market share of 5G mobile phones, Samsung ranked first (accounting for 74%), LG and Vivo has 11% and 5%. South Korea has the world’s first commercial 5G networks, so Samsung and LG have unparalleled advantages.




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