Angry Birds was launched ten years ago and since then, the colorful cartoony birds have become some of the most recognizable characters among young (and not-so-young) gamers.

The original physics-based puzzle game later had several followups, but the franchise introduced other genres like racing, RPG, shoot ‘em up, pinball, plus several different kinds of puzzles.

Angry Birds

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There have been crossovers with movies like Rio and Star Wars, but in 2016 the birds got a movie on their own (the sequel came out earlier this year). Apparently, there’s a long-form TV series in the works for 2020 as well.

Overall, we have over 4.5 billion downloads so far and some version of Angry Birds has been ported to just about a wide variety of platforms (smartphones, feature phones, consoles, even smart TV sticks). And of course, there has been plenty of merchandising – especially around the holiday season.


Click HERE for a timeline of the Birds franchise for a trip down memory lane.


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