Facebook is always found in the news for wrong when the security of users’ data is concerned. While we just told you that the social network giant has started developing an operating system alternative to Android, here is the revelation that 267 million social network accounts might have been compromised!

It is the researcher Bob Diachenko from the cybersecurity company  Comparitech who discover this latest data leak. According to the source, a database containing 267 million Facebook identifier, with the phone number and associated name, has been published on the Internet.

The leak was done by hackers in Vietnam who took advantage of a security breach in Facebook’s APIs. If the database does not contain passwords, it would be possible to carry out spam or fishing campaigns. With access to names and telephone numbers.

267 Million Facebook Users Details (IDs and Phone Numbers) Leaks Online

According to Comparitech, the database was made available on December 4, and shared on a forum on December 12. Before being withdrawn and become unavailable on December 19, after Bob Diachenko’s report.

facebook leak

That’s a lot of personal data to be floating around in the wild, and as Comparitech notes, it could be used to carry out phishing scams and other foul play.


A Facebook spokesperson told Engadget;

“We are looking into this issue. But believe this is likely information obtained before changes we made in the past few years. To better protect people’s information.”

Sadly, this is far from the first time that millions of Facebook users have had their data exposed online. In September, a security researcher found another database with 419 million records tied to Facebook accounts. One year prior, a hack exposed private info belonging to 29 million users. Third-party errors have left 540 million Facebook records exposed. And earlier this year, over 20,000 Facebook employees had access to 600 million users passwords. While Facebook’s future may be private, its present is apparently not.

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