After the empowering you with ability to schedule your tweets, Twitter is not stopping there as it keeps rolling out new features for its platform users. After being tested for months, especially in Canada, the new feature – ability to hide your replies to a tweet is finally rolling out to all users.

The feature is available to all users, both on the web and on mobile apps, including Twitter Lite. The reason behind the introduction of this feature (ability to hide replies to a tweet) is to prevent conversations from slipping or taking a negative turn.

Hidden Replies On Tweeter, Always Accessible Though

Hidden replies by the original tweet author do not appear at first, but users still have the option to display them by clicking a dedicated button on the original message.

The social network has also provided some statistics concerning this function. We learn that 85% of users who already use it, no longer use the block or mute function.

Dual Authentication Without Phone Number

The platform also announced that it has made some changes to the use of dual authentication to secure an account.


“We’re also making it easier to secure your account with Two-Factor Authentication. Starting today, you can enroll in 2FA without a phone number”.

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Now, as a Twitter handler, you have the option to activate this additional security option without having to enter your number. And for those who already use this option with their mobile number, they can now go to the settings of their account to reconfigure without it.



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