Since the advent of smartphones, there have always been scenes with batteries going up in flames. The case of 2016 Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is still fresh in our memory (some cases are still in court). While some of these battery issues are general, others are isolated cases.

It seems what we now is an isolated case for the Redmi Note 7S. The smartphone was launched back in May 2019 and we have no record of battery cases so far. However, a Xiaomi user, Chavhan Ishwar, is currently unhappy due to his ordeal. 

Redmi note 7s
Redmi Note 7S

User’s Ordeal With The Redmi Note 7S and Xiaomi

According to Mr. Chavhan, he purchased the Redmi Note 7S from Flipkart on 01/10/2019 and received the phone on 03/10/2019. The phone was working fine until 02/11/2019 when it went up in flames.

According to the user, on November 2, he placed his Redmi Note 7S on top of a table while he was working. Suddenly, there was a burning smell in the office and it turned out that his new phone was burning. The transparent cover was already melting and the phone was very hot.

From the report, he wasn’t charging the phone and never dropped or mishandle the device. As expected, he contacted a Xiaomi authorized store in Thane and it was difficult to extract his SIM due to the severe burn.

Xiaomi’s Response To The Issue

After a couple of days with Xiaomi, the manufacturer claims that analysts discovered an “abnormal burnt marks and damage new battery fix area display”. This means that his application for replacement can not pull through.

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Not satisfied with the response, Mr. Chavhan placed a call to Xiaomi and the response was quite hilarious. According to him, the company replied: “Sir the battery is not covered under Warranty”. If you carefully observe the images, you will see that the burn most-likely emanates from the bottom of the phone, about the position of the battery. Even the heat map on the rear of the phone is just around the battery.

While the owner of this smartphone is clearly sad with his ordeal with Xiaomi and the Redmi Note 7S, his case appears to be an isolated case. If you have a similar experience with the same type of device, let us know in the comment.

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