Opera-founded payment startup, OPay has launched yet another vertical; a car-hailing service called OCar. This follows announcement of a $120m Series B funding round led by Chinese investors.

OCar is out there to compete with UBER and Bolt (formerly known has Taxify). OCar still in the beta phase and available currently in Lagos, Owerri, Port-Harcourt, Abuja, Benin, Kaduna, Abeokuta, and Ibadan.

OCar by OPay

The service is accessible via OPay mobile app; you can update your OPay app to get the latest feature. So far, only Lagos has been activated, according to OPay.

OPay is offering massive discounts to its prospective O Car customers to drive patronage. For as low as 200 Naira, you go anywhere in the aforementioned cities.

How To Be An Ocar Driver?

As is industry standard practice, intending OCar drivers is to sign up with their cars on the platform, get verified and accredited before onboarding.


OCar charges drivers a 15% commission, unlike UBER that maintains a 25% flat rate. OPay claims that the 15% commission reduces to 3% after drivers have done 20 trips within the same week.

OCar icon in OPay app

OPay is more than just a wallet, but an amazing super app that offers daily needs to Nigerians, such as ORide, ride-hailing, OFood, it’s food services, Olist, its classified platform, loans and subscription services, airtime purchase among others.

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