Reports about the coming of Nokia 9.1 PureView have been in the rumour mills for quite some time. A few months after the launch of the original Penta-camera smartphone, Nokia started the development of a sequel with upgraded specifications.

However, the device’s release which was originally slated for this year was postponed to 2020. According to a new report, the next Nokia 9.1 PureView will face the same “embarrassing situation” of its predecessor.

Nokia 9 PureView
Nokia 9 PureView

The development of the original Nokia 9 PureView started back in 2018. It was a pretty ambitious smartphone sporting 5 Zeiss camera lens. Since it was a 2018 handset it was natural to use the Snapdragon 845, the year’s flagship offering when it comes to chipsets. For a number of reasons, the Nokia 9 PureView launch only happened earlier this year. The rest of the history you already know, the ambitious smartphone came with an outdated chipset while the competition was already running with the Snapdragon 855. Now, the same should happen with the Nokia 9.1 PureView.


Nokia 9.1 PureView May Comes With 2019’S Snapdragon 855+

According to reports, the Nokia 9.1 PureView could be released early in the next year with the Snapdragon 855 or Snapdragon 855+. The problem is that at the time of its launch, everyone will be looking into the Snapdragon 865 handsets.

According to HMD Global, the next handset will follow the tradition of using Carl Zeiss powered cameras. This was impressive in 2019, but apparently, in 2020, smartphones with Penta-camera setups wouldn’t be unique to Nokia smartphones. After all, we already have a Xiaomi’s device with a 108MP Penta-Camera setup.

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Nokia 9.1 pureview coming

According to the source @nokia_anew on Twitter, Nokia’s next-generation flagship will continue HMD’s tradition. Moreover, the #Qualcomm tag is also present in the tweet. Worth noting that Qualcomm will be holding an event on December 3rd/4th/5th. During the event, we expect to see Snapdragon 865. Perhaps, Nokia_anew is teasing the Snapdragon 865 on a future Nokia flagship? Well, only time will tell.

When it comes to the Nokia 9.1 PureView, there are strong reasons to believe that the company will repeat the same mistake.

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