Multichoice Introduces 5 New DStv and GOtv Packages – See Subscription Prices

The fact is that most people are tired of all those irrelevant channels on DStv packages. For example, some people watch nothing else than sports, while some goes for movies and it goes on like. Every other channel is of no importance or less entertaining to them. Well, there’s a good news in town: MultiChoice DStv is introducing new packages for both its DStv and GOtv platform.

Effective December 1, DStv customers will have more entertainment options to choose from with the introduction of three new DStv packages: DStv Confam, DStv Yanga, and DStv Padi. GOtv subscribers will also enjoy two new GOtv packages: GOtv Jolli and GOtv Jinja.

dstv new packages

These new packages are exclusively and specially-curated for the Nigerian market and come upgraded with new channels, fresh content and Naija-centric names that contribute to a more enhanced viewing experience.

Also, the GOtv Max package will be revamped to include more channels, thus offering more value at an affordable price.

The new packages come loaded with the recently-launched channels – Da VinciTNT Africa, and Real-Time – as well as other top local, sports, movies, and general entertainment channels.

To ensure that customers get a glimpse of the exciting entertainment lined up on these new packages, MultiChoice will give customers with active subscriptions on DStv Access, DStv Family, GOtv Plus and GOtv Value a two-week preview from Sunday, 1st December, till Sunday, 15th December 2019 at no extra cost!

Channels and New Package Price

DStv New Packages

  • DStv Confam will be Priced at N4500 and has over 120 channels
  • DStv Yanga will be priced at N2500 and has over 94 channels
  • DStv Padi will be priced at N1800 with over 51 channels to pick.

Multichoice DStv packages

GOtv New Packages

  • GOtv Jolly will be priced at N2400 with over 68+ world class channels
  • Gotv Jinja will be priced at N1600 with over 47+ channels

Multichoice GoTv packages

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