Huawei Gets Another 3-Month Extension Of Trade Relief

Still on Huawei’s ban, the US Commerce Department has extended the Chinese company’s temporary general license to another 3 months, runs up to February 16, 2020. This simply means Huawei is free to continue doing business with American companies for components that “do not pose a threat to national security”.

More specifically, the document from the Commerce Department states the new temporary license grants Huawei opportunity to resume limited operations in the networks and equipment sector alongside its efforts in mobile services and cybersecurity research. This now makes it the third extension Huawei gets since the company was initially put on the Entity List back in May.


This temporary general license authorizes certain activities, including those necessary for the continued operations of existing networks and equipment as well as the support of existing mobile services, including cybersecurity research critical to maintaining the integrity and reliability of existing and fully operational networks and equipment.

Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross further clarified in a press release statement, that the new temporary license will help smaller carriers in remote US areas who use Huawei telecommunications equipment to continue their service.

As at present, some speculations says that Huawei could get an even longer, 6-month extension to its reprieve and this trend could keep coming up until the US and China manage to iron out their trade disputes.

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