Google keeps updating its browser that, in many cases, comes with interesting features and improvements. A few weeks ago, for example, there were reports that Chrome is preparing to synchronize the clipboard between several devices and recently, it launched the dark theme on Android and how it released a new menu for images and links management.

Now, according to the Chromium blog, Google has reported an upcoming feature that, on the one hand, will notify users when a website is slow to load, and on the other, it will reward those websites that offer good speed with a clear badging.

Google Chrome To Evaluate Websites’ Speed

As mentioned above, Google is testing a new system to identify the speed at which websites are loaded in Chrome. So that the user can know if a page loads quickly or slowly. Google’s intention is to reveal to users a status that lets them know when a page is likely to be slow depending on their device and network conditions.

Google Chrome to identify Fast websites

When you visit a website that is slow to load. You will be shown a message saying “Usually loads slow” on the loading screen. On the other hand, when you visit a site that usually loads fast. You will see a green progress indicator, instead of blue on sites that load slow.

However, Google says its plan to identify sites that are fast or slow will be carried out gradually. And based on increasingly stringent criteria that may include other factors besides speed.


Anyways, this simply means that developers needs to optimize the performance of their pages. Using resources from Google itself, such as PageSpeed ​​Insights, an online tool with speed data. Besides Lighthouse which is another tool that provides personalized advice to improve a site Web.

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