Apple is working on an In-Display Touch ID and not for only iPhone

Apple dropped the Touch ID on its iPhones since 2017, and in 2020 there are many innovations that device enthusiasts can’t wait to see next year. Among these, the great return of the fingerprint reader, integrated in the display to support the Face ID. Well, it seems that the Cupertino company is seriously contemplating of an in-display Touch ID and not just for iPhones.

Apple filed a patent in May 2018, and shows in fact a futuristic smartwatch by the Californian giant. With some peculiarities still undisclosed. Above all, it will have a fingerprint reader integrated into the display. Which would allow the future Apple Watch to unlock itself.

In-display fingerprint reader coming to Apple Watch

In addition, Apple would also be considering moving the antennas for data connectivity and for the GPS on the strap of its Watch, a useful way to make the device thinner or to use the space saved for other components or for a larger battery.

In-display fingerprint reader coming to Apple Watch

Apple may already be testing this technology for the iPhone as well. And don’t rule out the appearance of the iPhone next year with an in-display Touch ID.

Apple working on an In-Display Touch ID and not for only iPhone

As always, the existence of a patent does not ensure that certain ideas will become reality, but at least Apple is considering them for the near future.



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