At the last official Microsoft event, new hardware productss were introduced, among which was the interesting and unexpected Surface Duo and Surface Neo. It wasn’t only the device that we found interesting, we as well found the new operating system interesting, the Windows 10X, it goes hand in hand with the new devices announced.

The Windows 10X will be Microsoft’s OS for dual-screen and foldable devices, now we also know that it will arrive for laptops. This is suggested by an official Microsoft document, noted by WalkingCat, which also includes various information on the upcoming operating system of the Redmond giant.

Windows 10x

Windows 10X Is Not Only For Tablets

The documents also suggests that Windows 10X will not be strictly meant for tablet users. There are various “levers” that can offer a more traditional experience with a left-aligned taskbar. And more taskbar icons and similar changes. That might be necessary when devices like the Surface Neo will have a laptop-style mode, but it also suggests that Microsoft will be open to a wide variety of form factors that could benefit from what 10X has to offer.

Windows 10x

Among the novelties of Windows 10X we will certainly find the changes to the Start menu. Which Microsoft will call Launcher. In this section, we will have in a more accessible way the results of web searches. With local ones that will involve apps and files present in the device. The new features will also include the authentication section for access to the device. This is based on the Windows Hello Face platform and will offer immediate user facial recognition.

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Windows 10x

The other important new feature of Windows 10X will be the new file explorer, named Modern File Explorer. Which will be based on a more updated version of the Universal File App (UWP) standard. It will be optimized for touch devices and for access to Office 365 documents. For OneDrive and files saved on the cloud.

Several simplifications and optimizations will also come for the notification center. And for the quick settings section.

We expect to see Windows 10X debuting on Surface Neo next year, and then moving to other Microsoft devices.

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