It could get worse if an eye diseases if left undetected or if you choose to ignore early symptoms. To make eye disease detections easy, researchers have developed an app named CRADLE – Computer Assisted Detector of Leukocoria that enables its users to proactively detect eye diseases in children.

How CRADLE Works

You must have noticed red eye reflections on images shot with the flashlight turned on. That is, in fact, a healthy sign. An unhealthy eye would show white reflections and the app makes use of machine learning to detect early signs of Leukocoria or white reflection from the eye’s retina. These white reflections can lead to serious issues like cataracts if ignored.

cradle app helps detect disease in kids eye

The researchers claim to have tested the app with 53,000 photos of 40 children, of which half of them had eye diseases. In 16 of 20 children with eye disease, CRADLE managed to detect leukocoria from photos taken about 1.3 years before the child got diagnosed by a doctor. Impressive, isn’t it?

You must be wondering if the app is meant just for children. Well, it is not but the app works the best on children since it is trained on data obtained from kids. As the algorithm evolves, it would be able to detect diseases on elder persons with the same level of accuracy.

It is worth noting that CRADLE should be used as an early detection system and should not be used to replace doctors. The developers of the app have explicitly stated that the app is not approved by the FDA. However, you will be able to know if your kid’s eyes are about to get infected by making use of the app. Once that phase is over, it is recommended to consult an eye specialist in your area.

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Where To Download CRADLE App

The app is available to download on the Google Play Store and Apple’s App Store. Check out the app from the link below and let us know your thoughts on it in the comments.




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