WhatsApp Update: Take A Look At How WhatsApp Dark Mode Looks Like

Facebook is seriously working on introducing a dark theme to all its apps. Well, we are talking about the company’s recent effort in implementing a ‘dark mode’ in all of its services. Instagram is already testing a dark mode in beta and we already know that both Facebook and its popular messaging service WhatsApp is working on a dark theme of its own.

The dark mode on WhatsApp is one of the most anticipated feature. Well, we have seen how the featire looks on the instant messaging app, thanks to well-known WhatsApp tipster WABetaInfo. It’s something cool, but some people may still not be satisfied with this dark theme.

WhatsApp dark mode

As seen in the screenshots above, WhatsApp isn’t assuming a true AMOLED dark theme as we’ve seen with Facebook Messenger and Instagram. Instead, it uses a “blue night” theme similar to Twitter.

According WABetainfo’s blog post, WhatsApp will add a new “Theme” section in the Settings, where you will find 3 options – light, dark or system default (which means WhatsApp theme will depend on the UI theme, especially useful for Android 10 users as it supports system-wide dark mode).

Everything in the chat window when the dark mode is enabled will assumw night colors as seen in the image below. This includes the header, textbox, attachment options, and more. This feature doesn’t seem to be in the early stages as the text is aligned and colors are accurate, so maybe it arrives sooner than expected.

Chat view Android Night

If you’re looking to enable this feature, well, dark mode for WhatsApp is currently under development with no exact date for its expected rollout. The messaging giant has been working on this feature for some time now, so stay tuned for more information. We will surely let you know when it goes live.

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